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The Evolution Of The Unique Concept Mitsubishi

October 16, 2015
The title of the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2015 will be occasions later this month and made a pivotal moment for Mitsubishi. Because the original manufacturer, Japan was ready to show off his unique electric car concept called EMIRAI 3 xDAS. This is the evolution of the EMIRAI 2 xDAS ever launched two years ago, also at TMS.
Before TMS starts, as reported in the pages of the official description Worldcarfans Mitsubishi, Thursday (15/10/2015) preliminary data and photos EMIRAI 3 xDAS has been released to the public. Proven results so the more successful approach to its evolution into a mass production model planned to be done in the future, without being willing to explain when the time certainly.
A unique Mitsubishi Electric Car of the future is already equipped technology Human Machine Interface (HMI). This is a display of the liaison between man and machine. These innovations make the motorists can drive without having to look like in General.
HMI technology also claimed to increase comfort and safety during driving on public roads. There are also 3D features that HUD has the ability to detect objects in front of the vehicle as far as 10 meters.
Not only that, other technologies on electric cars EMIRAI 3 this xDAS are light control, telematics, and drivers are sensing. On the dashboard are also available touch-screen LCD that allows drivers to operate all the features including entertainment. read also about motor spot honda.

Motor Sport 2-cylinder Honda Technology critical limits stretcher Twincam

July 5, 2015
The news will be meluncurnya sport motorcycle models from the Astra Honda Motor (AHM), the approaching reality. This time, there are some times that two cylinder models of-twincam.
Previous KompasOtomotif writes a new machine configuration choose AHM V-twin, rather than two slinder I4 offered two competing, Yamaha R25 and the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. But according to AHM, the technology used is apparently the engine 250 twincam.
"We prepare the twincam engine sport model with the technology that is really new," clear internal resources to AHM , Thursday (2/1/2015).
The latest model is even reportedly will already be ready to be introduced in the near future. "That will definitely be produced here and Indonesia became the production base and also for export needs," explained him again.
The new model is different from the character of the CBR250R is produced in Thailand. Although the resulting design would later lead to the futuristic design is not a retro-style semacan Ducati Scrambler Saturday or Kawasaki Estrella.

Lightning LS-218, world's fastest Superbike

November 21, 2014
Lightning Motors Corp. the auto company that developed the two-wheeled vehicles ' super ' with base cell technology a.k.a. electrically. More or less for the past 6 years, the Lightning has produced electric moge moge-phenomenal.

Now, the figure of this manufacturer name superbike sticking in the foreign media. The figure of superbike that is claimed to be the fastest motor currently named Lightning LS-218.

Electric Superbike that is valued at US $ 38888 or equivalent to Rp 475 millions is capable of a top speed record reaching 218 mph or equivalent 350,8 km/h. Power range 200 hp with revolutions the engine reach 10500 rpm and peak torque reached 168 ft-lbs or 227,7 Nm.
With the support of 12 kwh power source, LS-218 this content once battery power is able to traverse a distance of about 160 kilometres of the 90s.

Suzuki GSX-250F 2015, To launch day

November 21, 2014
The challenger to the Honda CBR250R, Kawasaki Ninja 250, Yamaha YZF-R25 and KTM RC200 manufacture Suzuki back sticking out into the global media. Still from the radar of Young Machine, rumored 250cc sportbike called the Suzuki GSX-250F to the day of launch.

Of the apparitions that appear on the original automotive magazine cover Sakura, the visible body of the Suzuki GSX-250F passing using the blueprint of the Suzuki GSX-latest 1000F. With the sculptural structure and typical always not too sharp alias elliptical into his character.

Suzuki GSX-most likely this will also enter 250F Homeland, given competitors who first ' play ' in this segment has been waiting for the ' duel '. Until now there has been no confirmation from the Suzuki in Indonesia.

Curious isn't it? We look forward to course development.

Take Note! This New Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle Claimed The Fastest In The World

November 20, 2014
Latest motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja H2R just introduced. Motor cross model which is the big race at the Intermot Jeman this digadang-gadang became the world's fastest motorcycle sportbike.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries (GENGHIS) explains that the new kawasaki ninja is displayed instead of the version for public road aka the motorcycle design bodywork as well as their performance is indeed specialized for the race. This Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle claimed to have expanded the kitchen runway reached 300 hp and supercharger devices songkongan.

As for the legal version street or Ninja H2 will experience a down grade the performance of between 80 to 96 hp from the magnitude number 300 hp. GENGHIS ' deliver to version sterrt legal will soon be introduced in 2014 the next November in Milan.

Regarding the new Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle H2R or racing model, mengunkan the kitchen runway, as well as a 3-cylinder 998cc Strip and refrigerated liquid. Do not miss also the centrifugal supercharger that refer to mode, scroll type. For the Affairs of the order or the chassis, using the structure of GENGHIS ' pipe trellis made of high tensile steel.

For the dimensions of the new Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, GENGHIS ' added to the wheel brings the kind of slick racing tyres are 190/650 R17 for rear tire 120/600 and R17 for front tire.

This is a Of water-fuelled Motorbike

November 20, 2014
Of a standard motorcycle modified fueled bioetanol plus water. Be in the know as many as 500 milli water which seems to lay right in the back seat that is attached to the bioetabol in a place that is transparent.
A very good of it, the water which can be use to be the fuel that could penetrate the 300 km trip. Of Team auto Physics (TOP) University of North Sumatra (USU) currently works for melaunching motorcycles made bioetanol plus water alias without the use of premium and motorcycle tires made from premium plus water to save premium, after a few years of experience a try and error in USU, Rector of the Bureau Wednesday (19/11/2014).
The launching of the motorcycle is the result of Pertamina would be able to support patenting by faculty MATHEMATICS and NATURAL SCIENCES of the USU in Jakarta in the coming week
"This is already answered the awanya demands of society, in particular because of the fuel has gone up, global warming and the energy crisis. It's no accident because of bbm has just been up for a couple of days ago, but this is an awareness of the student to immediately complete soon maybe who happened to be completed after the naikannya fuel, "the light of Dr. Sincere Ikhsan Nst, supervising Professor, inventor's TOP USU after launching a motorcycle in the presence of party representatives and the Rector of the USU pertamina.
From anggapannya, no futile though it does since of 2009 have struggled with some of the equipment is inadequate, and the experiment for the sake of experimentation that has been often get failures.
However teamnya that already consists of ten students majoring in Fisikan do not want to be desperate and kept trying to get satisfactory results. Where will the magic motorcycle mengkonsepkan offing will be patented and showcase by Pertamina.
"We are very pleased with the support given by Pertamina as we keep trying,"

David Beckham Moge Also Bought And Traded In IIMS

November 20, 2014
Triumph is one of the iconic motorcycle manufacturer comes from United Kingdom, doesn't seem to be wasted in an event Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2014, was at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, where has the title on September 18-September 28, 2014.
Expat Motors brand been residing in fatherland, the momentum which has been proved to be able to inform the community if the motor motorcycle Triumph has been circulated and can be perjual traded in the homeland at this time.
No responsibility-responsibility, from the PT Triumph Motorcycles Indonesia (TMI) which became a distributor of Triumph in Indonesia directly acquired as many as 7 models of 12 motorcycles gede already at launch in early September.
Of the seven models of the Triumph motor already in a showcase of which is modern classic models such as the Bonneville T-100, and Truxton. For the Bonneville T-100 in the know are already in the know moge was already in besut moge by acclaimed footballers in the world today, namely David Beckham while running in the amazon for the purposes of a film documentary the end of late. The Moge which seemed to have been purposefully to steal some attention from the visitors IIMS 2014.
Aside from the two models include the classic, Triumph roadster models already bring, i.e. from Street Tripple 675R ABS, and Speed Tripple 1050 ABS. Semetara for the model supersport, cruiser and adventur already brought known is Daytona 675R ABS, Explorer, and Tiger Rocket III Roadster.
Such presumption Sales Consultant PT Integrated Motor Outlet, named Adrian Handoko became one of dealer of Triumph motorcycle in Jakarta which is in interest by the visitors are from the classical model.
"To this day, in the know already there are five units already sold. The classic model of all is that very many are interested in. If another model of possibility because they want a test ride first, because new launches, "said from Adrian to VIVAnews, Thursday 25 September 2014

This Is How Honda CBR150R Local Variant Form Of Repsol

November 19, 2014
After yesterday's All-New spyshots appearing CBR150R local typical red color Honda, well this time photos version Repsolnya also followup stocked. As seen in the picture above, locally made products coded the K45 dressed in typical livery Repsol Honda MotoGP mounts Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa.

A glimpse of that photo does look somewhat similar to the variants of Repsol of All-New Honda CBR250R. Due to the design of local CBR150R embraced the same styling as the older brother that, despite its slightly smaller.

Honda CBR150R local will adopt such a trellis frame CBR StreetFire and will be combined with a wide footprint of alloy wheels (front/rear 2.5-inch 3.5 inches) in order to make his appearance more dashing.

In order to ridingnya more comfortable and stable, AHM pinned suspension Pro-Link on the model of the local assemblies. Meanwhile, the engine was still the same as a CBU model imported from Thailand, O2 sensor the difference lies in the exhaust neck.

Speaking of the launch, it seems no longer. According to some sources, the local Honda CBR150R is yet to be formally launched on September 7, upcoming. Means staying six days and cost the possibility of Yamaha R15 prices nyerempet.

Honda CBR150R price local (K45) began to Rp 28.5 million! Get Ready For Yamaha

November 19, 2014
Official Honda CBR150R price local alias K45 true is still a puzzle, but many believe if motorsport locally made it will be sold in the range of $ 27 to 29 million.

Recently the information slowly began to open problem is local to the CBR150R price DKI Jakarta and Tangerang. Honda main Dealer Jakarta-Tangerang provide confirmation that the price of full-fairing sportbike 150cc motorbike locally made this will start dibanderol Usd 28.5 million for the standard Variant.

While Repsol variants are slightly more expensive than the standard model, which starts from IDR 29.1 million. Well be inferred is the standard variant of the cheaper price of Rp 600 thousand compared to the Yamaha YZF-R15, which went on sale $ 29.1 million for Jakarta area.

In other words, the Repsol Honda CBR150R local version will be dealing directly with the Yamaha R15, which is the same price $ 29.1 million. This seems like a serious threat for the Yamaha official later if price really much for.

"It costs (local CBR150R) $ 28.5 million for the standard type, if a little more expensive that Repsol Idr 29.1 million", said Taufiqurrohman as Dealer Development Marketing Department Head PT Wahana Makmur Sejati (Honda Main Dealer Jakarta-Tangerang) in 2014 National Customers in Jakarta today.

While the CBR150R price compared to Thailand, certainly much much different. Thailand dibanderol for Rp CBR150R 43 millions, while the local version is starting to Rp 28.5 million.

Honda CBR150R local plan will be launched officially in West Jakarta International Parking Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran, Jakarta, at the end of this week. It's time bro

Honda CBR150R Inden Local Hottie Opens Tomorrow

November 19, 2014
PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is planning to open the taps to a local Honda CBR150R inden starting Friday August 5th, tomorrow. If there are buyers who are interested ask for her hand, then simply provide money sign so amounting to Rp 1 million.
According to Taufiqurrohman (the Main Dealer of Honda Jakarta-Tangerang), booking local CBR150R can only be done in the Official Honda dealer. So the consumer is obliged to come there if you want to order it.

To stage the first booking, Honda CBR150R unit 1500 provides local and start dibanderol for Rp 28.5 million for standard and Variant Idr 29.1 million variants for Repsol.

"Beginning August 5, tomorrow it could be ordered. Booking fee of Rp 1 million. Booking must be to a dealer, we do not accept in the exhibition event. So consumers should come to the dealer to order ", said Taufiqurrohman (Honda Main Dealer Jakarta-Tangerang) in today's Customers Nationwide by 2014.

"This first stage (Honda prepare) 1500 units for nationwide. So can a day of endless nih if booking fee-its just a million. "

Bakal was launched at the end of this week, the All-New Honda CBR150R Premises equipped with the same engine as the model Thailand 150cc motorbike single-cylinder DOHC 4 radiator cooling and a.k.a. manual transmission 6-speed.

However, there are some differences that carried this lokalan, including sportbike design is exactly the same as the all-new CBR250R, frame trellis (mencomot from CB150R StreetFire), Pro-Link rear suspension and O2 sensor in the neck position of the exhaust.

Tips On Keeping The Car Wheel Functions As Mudik

November 18, 2014
Tips On Keeping The Car Wheel Functions As Mudik
This weekend is expected to be the culmination of a current mudik lebaran this year. Braga lebaran estimated lived after two days and many establishments that already leave holiday feast. Many public transportation options for mudik. However, not a few others chose to use private cars to go to the hometown.
If you are one of them, then check the car to make sure health in top condition. Related affairs of tires or wheels, Media Indonesia quoted, try look at five things that travel back and forth smoothly up to the place of destination:


Make sure the thickness of the kembangan car tires you still above 1.6 mm. More delicate ornamental tires, wheel slip cause risky or skid. Better replace it used to ban you if kembangan thinned before use mudik. To check with the thickness of the kembangan ban, see signs of tread wear indicator (TWI) in kembangan tires. His position is normally indicated by a triangle on the side near kembangan tires.
Adjust the tire pressure according to Your vehicle's manual. Sometimes also found tire pressure information on the cover of the fuel or around the inner door. Use the ideal tire pressure. If the tire pressure is too high, the middle part of the tire memeprcepat quick kembangan aus, tires flat on the asphalt, less and less comfortable. While if less wind, tire so easily broken, wasteful fuel, heat and are easy to happen to burst a tire.
Keep spooring and balancing. The car needs to be calibrated wheel angles alignment periodically. Typically every 10,000 kilometers need to calibrate the battery. Its functions in order to increase fuel efficiency, the tires are more durable, and easily in control of the vehicle because the wheels aligned.
Check all nuts and bolts the wheel of your car. Make sure everything is tight. Bring spare tires and make sure conditions are still be eligible to use.

Suzuki Inazuma will be Competitors Honda CBR 250R

November 18, 2014
Hear the name Suzuki Inazuma memorable macho and decent optioned the men. Perfect for bikers who love to touring, this bike can be an alternative option drive. Motorcycle sport touring genre with 250 cc, Suzuki Inazuma predicted  would be a strong contender in other motorcycles in the same class as the Honda CBR 250R.

His plan, Suzuki Inazuma was released in October 2012 will later. However, if anyone is interested, the candidate can perform the process pemberli inden. To date, there have been about 100 customer. This data ever since the event was introduced at the Inazuma PRJ in last July. Suzuki's target until the end of this year, there are 1,100 units Inazuma is already changing hands.

Suzuki Inazuma was introduced at a price range of $ 46 million (OTR Jakarta). This price is cheaper than the Honda CBR 250R non-ABS ($ 40.5 million), and slightly lower than the Honda CBR 250R with ABS (Rp organisation million).

This bike has a memorable look futuristic and stylish. The front headlights looks quite aggressive with a steady and sturdy body. The Speedometer is implanted have an account with digital indicators with indicators of care intervals. This last indicator usually used on large motor.

The Affairs of the suspension, rear monoshock suspension models are already applied. The use of optional wheels using three cross model equipped with disc brakes on both wheels section. Types of tire tread is wide.

Suzuki Inazuma has six transmission acceleration. The engine was using a type of injection, 250 cc two cylinder with a water cooler that is capable of removing power 24 HP at 8,500 rpm. Torsinya reaches 23.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

Interested have? You can order now, too.